Guidelines for Group Use –Fort Knox State Historic Site


All youth/school groups should have a youth to chaperone/supervisor ratio of no more than 10:1 and no less than 3:1..


These supervisor/chaperones need to stay with their groups at all times and are responsible for their group’s behavior.


While inside the Fort, visiting the external gun batteries, etc. all groups should walk.  Running is not allowed due to the potential for serious injury as a result of falling on the extensive rock and brick surfaces throughout the site.


Groups wishing to tour the darker areas of the Fort will be required to use flashlights.  These areas have uneven flooring that can be wet and slippery.  When visiting these areas, groups must stay together and proceed slowly and carefully.


Groups are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and courteous fashion, out of respect for the others visiting the Fort.


Activities on the small field in the picnic area should be restricted to light play.


Removing, injuring, defacing or damaging anything natural, physical, and or historical on the site is strictly forbidden.


Visitors are asked to help maintain the beauty of Fort Knox by being responsible for their own trash.  They should take home and recycle as much of their refuse as possible.


Income from purchases in the Visitor’s Center Gift Shop help fund our educational programs/restoration efforts at the Fort.   Youth/school groups are encouraged to support the Friends of Fort Knox by making purchases at the Gift Shop.   Due to its rather small size, supervisor/chaperones should restrict the number of students visiting the Gift Shop at any one time to no more than 8.


Please notify us (469-6553 or 469-7719) if you will be arriving late or need to cancel your visit.

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