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Friends of Fort Knox Hold Annual Meeting
Approve Cannon Project

The Friends of Fort Knox held their annual meeting for membership on Tuesday, January 2 at the Fort Knox Visitor and Education Center. Approximately fifty members of the organization attended the meeting who unanimously approved new bylaws for the organization and elected three individuals to a three-year term to the Board of Directors. Elected to the FFK Board were Mary Campbell, Lincolnville Beach; Shirley Pierce, Orland; Paul Smith, Old Town. The FFK Board of Directors then elected the following officers to one-year terms Michael Celli, Chairman, Brewer; Faith Campbell, Vice Chair, Stockton Springs; Donald Metthe, Treasurer, Bucksport; Shirley Pierce, Secretary, Orland. Robert Robinson, of Stockton Springs, was appointed Parliamentarian for the Board.

FFK Chairman Michael Celli praised Bangor attorney, A.J. Greif, for his outstanding pro bono work on behalf of the organization’s membership during the past year. Celli presented Greif a framed photograph of Fort Knox and the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in appreciation of his efforts. In other business, the FFK Board awarded Gordon McCrae, Eddington, of McCrae’ s Welding, a contract to restore four 24-pound flank howitzer cannons and carriages original to Fort Knox.

Flank howitzer cannons were used for short-range anti-personnel defense at Fort Knox. The cannons would have guarded the entrances to the Fort, and be arrayed to repel ground forces trying to storm the Fort through the defensive ditches. Howitzer cannons could be loaded with solid shot as well as, grape shot, which would have had a devastating effect on advancing infantry. According to Maine State Historic Site Specialist, Tom Desjardin, once this cannon restoration project is complete Fort Knox will have more of this type of cannon on display than any other historic site in the country. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Friends of Fort Knox or assisting in their ongoing mission to preserve the Fort and enhance its educational, cultural and economic value for the state of Maine may telephone 469-6553 or visit their web site at